Collabor18 Anthology: Stronger Together

It’s time, you cool babies. The Collabor18 anthology Stronger Together is here! We want any and all donations made for the anthology to be super transparent, so we’re sharing the full PDF here with a link to donate to Appalachian Voices through Facebook or directly through their website. While it’s not required, the goal for this project was to raise money for charity and donations would be greatly appreciated.

Appalachian Voices was chosen as our charity for this project from a survey early on in the anthology process. From their website: “Appalachian Voices brings people together to protect the land, air, and water of Central and Southern Appalachia and advance a just transition to a generative and equitable clean energy economy.” As you can see, it was a good fit for the spirit of Collabor18.


Available at the links below are the ePub and PDF versions of our complete anthology as .zip files to allow for faster downloads. It’s 193 pages of stories, poetry, recipes and essays and we hope you enjoy it.

Sincerely: Alyssa, Jessica & Elizabeth

ePub:     [unzip]    [zip]

PDF:       [unzip]    [zip]

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